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We create immersive Augmented Reality Apps

Together we develop your new marketing tool

Unique Augmented Reality Apps

Welcome to our AR-CMS Xtend

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Our free app


No time to build an app? No problem You can simply use our free app Xtend and get started today!

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Your own AR-App

White-Label App

Image, innovation and a personalized solution are our top priorities. We create your own app and build additional modules like news, shops, raffles or logins for customers.

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You already have an app

Full integration

You already have an existing app and would like to strengthen it with AR? No problem we can integrate our AR scan function into your app.


iOS and Android Support


Regular updates and enhancements


Content goes dynamically online


Multilingual AR content


Interactive buttons for Call-to-Action


Expandable with personalized modules

Xtend is the bridge between reality and the digital world

While the print media have been losing their attractiveness for almost 2 decades, the power of the media is shifting more and more towards digital technologies. With Xtend, exactly this shift is stopped. The print medium serves as a "gate" to digital information and combines print with all the advantages of online marketing. The fusion of printed elements and digitally enhanced information is unlimited. The future of the print industry is born from a gimmick. The existing boundaries in the print sector are clearly structured and leave little room for interpretation for new, innovative media. After the first experience with Xtend, however, one expands one's understanding and begins to rethink solutions for one's company.
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Augmented Reality without App - WebAR

Thanks to the strong development of Apple and Google, we are able to display 3D objects and other AR content on a landing page. The advantage: You don't need an app to enjoy this content. Expand your online shop with Augmented Reality and bring your products to the home of your customers.

Objektscan Industrie

What our AR-Apps can do

Dynamic content

All Augmented Reality content is dynamically loaded onto your app. Without updates and annoying downloads, you can access the latest content at any time and put it online within seconds via the platform.

Expandable at

any time

We personalize your app! Together with you, we will work out a solution in a workshop that fits your products perfectly. You have the possibility to extend your app with new modules at any time!


Speech recognition

We are multilingual! Our apps recognize the language of the operating system and install the app + the content in the desired language. Cover multiple languages with one solution.

AR-Scan Print

Scan printed AR content and expand the print experience with digital information.

Scan object recognition

Scan objects such as industrial pumps, buildings, vehicles or laboratory equipment and enhance them with digital content.

AR/VR Portale

We are currently developing AR / VR portals which allow you to project an interactive portal in your environment. Perfect for the travel and tourism industry.

Tourism portals AR/VR

The first step

We look forward to getting to know you personally!

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Tel: +41 41 255 12 12

Xtend Interactive

Vormüli 2

6170 Schüpfheim

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