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Create AR content on your own

Web-based CMS for Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has never been so simple: Welcome to our AR-CMS Xtend

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Connect the print

Create AR Content

Upload PDF's or JPEGs and connect them to digital content on your own. Our platform optimizes your videos and images and connects all important media with the printed article.

Print becomes measurable

Analyzing Statistics

Thanks to our CMS you have the possibility to measure the first interactions of your campaign already after 24h. See when and where your content was scanned and get more insight into the behavior and success of your media!

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No matter when, no matter where

Web-based CMS

Our platform offers you the possibility to register comfortably via a weblogin. You also have the possibility to create teams, manage users and access them via tablet. A platform that adapts to your location.


Creating teams and individual campaigns


Regular updates and enhancements


Web-based CMS - access at any time


Multilingual AR content


Statistics and reporting

Create, manage and analyze AR content yourself

Xtend is not just an app for displaying extended content. With Xtend, you as a customer can independently manage the markers and targets at any time and with just a few clicks. Plan your campaigns and content. Statistical user data is automatically collected for each campaign and marker. The automated reporting shows you directly which customer segment consumed the extended content when and where. With the Xtend-CMS platform you create accesses for your own customers such as advertising agencies, etc. They in turn can create and edit their own markers. Automated billing is another feature of the platform.

How our CMS works

AR content in 5 minutes!

In 5 steps you independently connect your print media with the digital world. Upload your PDF, select the digital content you want and create the call-to-action you want.

Analyze your success!

We can retrieve up to 10 different statistics for you and show where and when the content was scanned. In addition, you can measure the traffic on the desired landing page via Google Analytics - our call-to-action buttons are fully compatible here.


Change content anytime!

Have you already printed the magazine and circulated it? No problem You can change the content on the platform at any time. So you can expand the life of your media and always connect current content.


Our development focuses strongly on the use of smartphones in the field of Augmented Reality. Whether app- or web-based, we build your personal solution.


Tablets are very popular in the education sector and at trade fairs. Our apps are native and adapt to the desired output device.


Our platform is also compatible with Smartglasses and we develop Virtual Reality content for customers.

The first step

We look forward to getting to know you personally!

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Tel: +41 41 255 12 12

Xtend Interactive

Vormüli 2

6170 Schüpfheim

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