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AR / XR Workshops

for companies

Joint development of first pilot projects

Workshops for Augmented Reality

Strategy, Creative, Content & Implementation



Knowledge is power. We offer a 1-day workshop in order to make your product, the possibilities with AR / MR as well as a knowledge journey in the area of innovation & digitization together with you.


Product definition

Together, we develop the possible AR products and also question the marketing strategy. Our goal is to optimize your products optimally with AR and to find efficient, short ways to implementation.


Live Production

We're practitioners. On the day of the workshop we also take a mobile Greenscreen + equipment with us and develop 2-3 products together with you which you can present live to your team.


Analysis of your marketing tools


Live Presentation Platform


On-site video production: Joint AR examples


Definition of AR strategy for marketing

We are not only interested in technology, but also in solutions

With the help of our app you have the possibility to bridge the gap between reality and the digital world. Without Xtend and Augmented Reality, statistics, feedback, information about the behavior of the target group and much more is lost. Thanks to our solution, you can bring the traffic that you generate via objects and print back to the web and make it measurable. Thanks to Augmented Reality the information comes directly to the user, he doesn't have to search for it first.
The first step

We look forward to getting to know you personally!

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Tel: +41 41 255 12 12

Xtend Interactive

Vormüli 2

6170 Schüpfheim

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